In Video: Khair Al-Joud Company introduces a hand sterilizer that exceeds ethanol with extermination efficiency.

Khair Al-Joud has worked on launching a product for sterilizing the hands, which is considered effective in exterminating viruses and microbes, and which came as a result of research and development projects conducted by the company in its specialized laboratories.

The managing director of Khair Al-Joud Company, Engineer Maitham Al-Bahadly told the al-Kafeel Network, saying: "The Company has three laboratories; the chemical laboratory, the biological laboratory, and the research and development laboratory. It always works through these laboratories to develop its products." Adding: "The epidemic caused scarcity of ethanol, so we have introduced alternative and effective substances, some of which are more efficient than ethanol at reasonable prices."

It is worth noting that the Khair Al-Joud Company had announced earlier the mobilization of detergent and sterilizers factory staffs in it, to increase five times its production capacity, in order to provide citizens and health services in the holy city of Karbala and the governorates with materials and supplies in order to prevent the risk of the Corona virus.
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