The percentage of completion of the lobby project for the treatment of patients with Corona in Al-Hindiya Hospital exceeds (98%).

In an ideal time, and within what is planned, the completion of the works of the lobby project for the treatment of patients with Corona in Al-Hindiya General Hospital exceeded the 98%. This project, which is implemented by the staffs of its engineering maintenance department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, comes as a symbiotic and humanitarian initiative and as a precautionary and preventive measure to reduce and control the Corona epidemic, and to be part of the hospital, which suffers from a shortage in its clinical capacity in case of an emergency - God forbid.

This is according to the statement of the resident engineer in the project; Karar Brihi, adding: "The achieved percentage came as a result of what the engineering maintenance staff did from its best efforts to accomplish it within its timings and technical specifications prepared for it, and working hours that exceeded (14) hours per day. We are now in the process of completion of some minor parts, as the work was done in a sequential manner and parallel lines of work according to the specialization of each group working in the project."

Brihi explained: "The last thing that was accomplished for the construction of the project is the secondary ceilings and their accessories, and the accompanying works and wiring of supporting systems, as well as the completion of the cooling system and healthy ventilation and in its two steps the impulse distributed to the air in the rooms and halls and the drawer from which is thrown out, in addition to installing the air-conditioning on the walls to be used in the future for the cases that will be allocated to the hall after the elimination of this epidemic - God willing -. In addition to that, the wiring and laying of sewage pipes have been completed and linked to the hospital system."

He explained: "All that remains of the project is the work of paving the exterior corridors with the muqarnas tiles, and its completion rates have reached (80%), and the covering of the building's facade, which completion rates have reached more than (82%), as well as the work of electrical finishing, from lighting, sockets and other related matters, it is nearing completion, as its completion rate reached more than (98%).
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