El-Abbas holy shrine participates in the Baghdad International Flower Fair

A view of the inauguration
El-Abbas holy shrine participated in the Baghdad International Flower Fair held on Apr 25, 2013 in El-Zewra’ park. Tens of countries took part in the fair, in addition to local, Arab and foreign agricultural offices.

This participation represents the keeping pace with the counterparts of the El-Abbas holy shrine in this field, and where to cross-fertilize ideas and exchange experiences.

Dr. Ibrahim El-Ja’fari, the president of the Iraqi National Coalition visited the stand of flowers of the El-Abbas holy shrine and said, “I’m so happy for the holy shrines activities taking place in such a great fair.”
He also mentioned that the holy shrines participations would assuredly cross-fertilize ideas and exchange experiments.

The mayor of Baghdad also visited the fair and stopped by the El-Abbas holy shrine stand of flowers, where he was amazed at the creativity of the decoration. He said, “It is a pleasure to have the El-Abbas holy shrine with us participating with some amazing plants and flower that I have never seen in my life.”

He also said that the El-Abbas holy shrine didn’t only respond to the invitation, but it came to compete with the other great competitive agricultural companies.

It has been mentioned that Baghdad municipality persists to hold the fair on April and invite many countries to participate in such a great flower fair.
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