Minister of Health: Al-Kafeel Hospital is evidence of the success of Iraqis, and we hope to generalize this experience to all of the country's hospitals.

The Iraqi Minister of Health, Dr. Jaafar Alawi, affirmed that the Kafeel Specialized Hospital is a wonderful project, while calling for transferring this experience to the rest of the provinces of Iraq.
This came during his visit to the hospital, which was on the fringes of his attendance to Karbala Governorate to open the "Hayat" Third Lobby, which was presented by Al Kafeel Specialized Hospital to Al Hindiya General Hospital in the Twayreej district.
Dr. Jaafar Alawi told AlKafeel Network: "The AlKafeel Specialized Hospital in Karbala is a wonderful project, as it has maintained the quality of medical and health services it provides, and we hope that the experience of AlKafeel Hospital will be generalized in all of Iraq’s hospitals in various governorates."
Stressing that: "The existence of this hospital is evidence of the success of Iraqis in establishing medical health institutions, and in providing high-quality services in them without the need for the other."
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