Head of Engineering Maintenance Department: Completion of the "Hayat" Third Lobby proves that our staffs are able to complete any work assigned to them and under any conditions.

The head of the engineering maintenance department at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Engineer Samir Abbas Ali, emphasized that the completion of the "Hayat" Third Lobby proved that the department's staffs are able to complete any work entrusted to them under any circumstances, and that the Iraqi hand is able to be a pioneer in the implementation of specialized works.
He added: "We were able to achieve this hall in a record time, as we started working in this place which was a rubble and a building left for decades, but we were able during this period, which is (24 days), to achieve this hall with (35) single rooms in form of suites. "
He pointed out that: "This lobby was accomplished according to the required health specifications, whether related to bathrooms or cooling systems, the electrical system, and all other systems."
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