With high-efficiency equipment: The staff of the Abbas Squad continue their campaigns to sterilize the area between the Two Holy Shrines and the whole of the old city.

The Abbas (peace be upon him) Fighting Squad (brigade / 26 popular mobilization) continued its campaigns of sterilizing neighborhoods and areas of the holy city of Karbala for the purpose of fighting the Corona epidemic, and this time it was using more effective sterilization equipment than traditional devices, as it saved effort and shortened time.
The last campaign, which was organized on Tuesday night, included sterilization of the area between the Two Holy Shrines and the surrounding areas and the city center.
The official of the inspection division of the squad, Mr. Firas Ghayib Fadl, said, “The squad staffs used in this campaign advanced equipment for sterilizing operations, which contain a small engine that runs on fuel, and has a tank of (22) liters of sterilization materials. ".
He added: "These devices are better than the traditional devices used in sterilization, because they achieve a wider spread of sterilization materials and condense their spray, so that its range reaches a distance of three or four meters."
Stressing: "We are continuing the campaigns of dusting in the rest of the governorate according to the plan in place, and these devices will save us the effort and save time."
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