The Sheikh Al-Kulaini complex (may God sanctify his secret) service intensifies precautionary and preventive measures to reduce the Corona epidemic

The official of the Sheikh Al-Kulaini service complex located on the Karbala - Baghdad road, Haj Ali Mahdi Al-Safi, stated that the precautionary and preventive measures against the Corona epidemic represented by the intensification of sterilization work, which includes many facilities of the complex are still ongoing.
He added: "Our campaign, which was carried out today, is a continuation of the series of campaigns undertaken by the Holy Shrine to sanitize and sterilize its service facilities. This campaign was implemented in cooperation with the Husseiniya volunteer team, and aims to take all necessary precautions and carry out cleaning and sterilization campaigns, to prevent the spread of transitional and epidemic diseases. In order to maintain health security inside the complex. "
Al-Safi explained: "The campaign included the sterilization and disinfection of buildings from inside and outside, and all the food, conference and the dormitory halls, and the oven and kitchen related to the complex and the sanitary units."
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