Al Kafeel Specialized Hospital provides phototherapy technology (UV Cabina)

The Dermatology Center at Al Kafeel Specialized Hospital has the latest technologies that solve all skin problems, including the UV Cabina device.
Dr. Sadiq Jaafar, the specialist doctor in the hospital, stated that: “Al Kafeel Specialist Hospital provides the latest medical technologies and necessary supplies that help in treating all types of skin diseases, which are sometimes difficult to treat. Among these technologies is the (UV Cabina) device, which is a phototherapy device that is used in the treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo and allergic diseases, and some cases associated with kidney and liver deficiency, including increased acid and toxins and some types of cancer.
He added: "The number of sessions is determined according to the case. In some cases, a phototherapy drug is required with the phototherapy device."
He explained: "The center contains medical and nursing teams of men and women, so that both sexes can be treated in it."
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