Intensive Care Unit at Al Kafeel Specialized Hospital: modern technologies and high-level medical teams

The intensive care unit of Al Kafeel Specialized Hospital possesses modern technologies and highly experienced medical and nursing teams to treat patients, as well as special care in organ transplantation.
The intensive care unit official at the Al Kafeel Hospital, Dr. Hassanein Qahtan, said: "The intensive care unit in the hospital consists of general intensive care consisting of (12) beds, and intermediate care (8) beds equipped with surveillance devices and devices that support breathing, heart and blood vessels, and supportive devices for dialysis for kidneys. "
He added: "The second section is the Department of Intermediate Care (HDU), which contains complete monitoring devices, in addition to the special care for organ transplantation."
Qahtan pointed out that: “The intensive care unit in the Kafeel Hospital contains a laboratory inside it to conduct the analyzes, including analyzes of measuring gases and salts.” He pointed out that: “The techniques available in the intensive care unit enabled the doctors to perform various internal and nervous system surgeries, such as brain, spine and other operations take from (10) to (12) hours, in which the patient needs respiratory and special care devices. "
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