By affordable prices: Nour Alkafeel Company provides everything needed for the Iftar table during the month of Ramadhan.

Noor Alkafeel Company has worked to provide high-quality animal and food products in a manner suitable for people with limited income and in large quantities covering part of the consumption volume, through the company's direct sales centers located in most governorates.
In spite of the effects that the novel Corona epidemic has caused on various sectors in the country, the company has made sure that its food products reach the markets on the days of the holy month.
Associate Director of the company, Mr. Raed Hameed explained: "In line with the advent of the month of Ramadan, Noor AlKafeel Company has provided a group of foodstuffs to the citizens, in addition to providing quality food, as well as promoting projects such as projects of fruit juices, dairy and eggs."
He added: "Our administration was keen on investing the youth energies inside the company, translating their ideas into projects that serve the citizen, and seeking to advance the national productive reality by establishing or contracting with local laboratories and operating the largest number of national manpower."
Adding: "The company offers its various products of high quality, through direct selling centers in most of the Iraqi provinces, and the company follows all stages of material production through specialized committees, starting from the first steps of production and ensuring the safety of products and their conformity with international specifications, until they reach the hands of the citizen ".
Stressing: "We are very keen to continue supplying local markets during the holy month of Ramadan with our different products, to provide the citizen with all the nutrients he needs during the days of the holy month."
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