In the term of encouraging college female students worn woman cloak, El-Abbas holy shrine rewards an elite of female students of Babylon University

On the occasion of the auspicious birthday of Lady Fatimatul Zehra’ (peace be upon her) and under the motto of (Fatimatul Zehra’ is the symble of purity, veil & cloak), the El-Abbas holy shrine held a ceremony of rewarding the female students worn scarves and cloaks at university.

Such a stately ceremony held by the El-Abbas holy shrine is to instill the culture and the best way of behaving according to Ahlulbait’s (p.b.u.t) righteous course.

Sayed Adnan El-Mosawi said that the most important thing for the woman is to wear a scarf and cloak, in order to cover herself from those who are not supposed to see her according to the divinely legislations, and in order to maintain a great society, we should always maintain the cloak of the women in order to be socializing with male lawfully.
He also said that Islam had given the woman all her rights she deserves after she used to be suffering lowness in the previous eras.

He concluded by saying that Fatimatul Zehra’ should be the best example as she is to be followed by other females.
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