To diagnose epilepsy cases: Al-Kafeel Hospital provides video EEG technology.

The al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital in Karbala has the video EEG technology that monitors, visualizes and diagnoses epilepsy and records it in sync with the brain.
And Dr. Zina Salim, who specializes in nerve EEG in the hospital, said: "The technique works after the patient is admitted to the epilepsy monitoring unit and connected to the electrodes for recording brain waves on video."
She explained: "The examination may require keeping the patient for a period of time of up to (24) hours, in order to monitor, diagnose and photograph epileptic seizures."
Salim added, "The video EEG technology works to diagnose cases of recurrent epilepsy and its syndromes, as well as epilepsy cases that need surgical intervention."
It is worth noting that the al-Kafeel specialized hospital always seeks to provide treatment with the latest technologies, thanks to its modern and advanced medical equipment, in addition to its medical staff, whether local or coming from abroad, which made the hospital services match with international hospitals.
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