Stunning gardens between the Two Holy Shrines.

The Department between the Two Holy Shrines continues its works that have been varied in its forms, some of which are included in the stages of modernization, renewal and the maintenance of facilities entrusted to it along with maintaining them, such as the forming of the gardens between the two holy shrines according to each season, by adding new types that are distributed and shaped in an artistic way.
About this work, the architect of the afforestation and adornment unit in the aforementioned department, Eng. Hatem Abdel Karim, stated to us: "Our goal, for which we work day and night, is to create a beautiful environment that spreads joy and delight in the souls of visitors. And with the beginning of each season we have a periodic campaign in addition to the regular work carried out by the division's staffs daily, in order to maintain the freshness of these gardens and trees. "
He added: "Our campaign includes cleaning and sustaining pruning and restructuring ornamental trees, planting seasonal seedlings, especially plants, and working to coordinate them with evergreen trees or others. Our campaign also includes the perpetuation and development of decorations and geometric shapes of trees, the development of seasonal roses of various kinds, as well as decorating tree pots with ornamental plants and roses."
Abdel Karim also stated: "Our staffs, in parallel with these works, perform other tasks, such as hoeing and stirring the soil to get rid of harmful bushes and plants, and to improve soil specifications and creating roots, as well as spraying agricultural pesticides and fertilizing the general gardens spread in the yard between the Two Holy Shrines with organic fertilizers according to seasonal and annual fertilizer programs."
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