AlKafeel Company launches seasonal campaign to clean and sustain the lakes of its fish farms.

The staffs of the fish farm lakes (five large lakes of 25 dunums each) of AlKafeel General Investments, launched their annual campaign to maintain, clean and prepare them to continue producing fish, as these actions are considered a priority in sustaining production and improving its quality.

The fish lakes unit official, Abd al-Rahman Jassem, explained the details of this campaign, saying: “Within the tasks of the lake unit and according to a program developed for this purpose, we launched the annual campaign for the maintenance and cleaning of fish lakes, and the removal of impurities and mud and others. And these actions come with the proximity of fishing work.”

He added: "This step is considered one of the necessary measures, because cleaning the lakes leads to removing the mud that contains a percentage of ammonia that leads to damaging the fish production, as it is considered the main reason that oxygen does not reach the fish, which reduces its ability to breathe, and sometimes it causes its death inside Lakes. "
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