Indexing and Information Systems Center: We started indexing and uploading maps on the index site of the al-Abbas’s (p) Holy Shrine Library.

The Center for Indexing and Information Systems of the Library and House of Manuscripts at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine announced that it has begun indexing and uploading Iraqi maps on the website of the Library and House of Manuscripts of the Holy Shrine (, according to the most recent rules of modern global indexing (RDA) and according to the (MARC21) system, in a step considered the first of its kind.

This is according to what the Director of the al-Kafeel Center, Mr Hassanein Al-Mousawi, confirmed to the al-Kafeel network. He added: “Our center is going with steady steps and in harmony with what the world is witnessing in this field. And from time to time we word on a new index addition after we complete its components, in terms of collecting them and preparing their databases. Among the newly added topics are the Iraqi maps: (climate - population distribution - natural resources - agricultural resources - air resources - tourism resources - human resources - electricity and water networks and roads - communications) for different time periods, and is considered a first stage that will be followed by the other Arabic and international stages, God willing, and to follow it, click here.

Noting: "The maps are collected from destinations with which we have a joint work, and they are photographed with a special mechanism to be tabulated and indexed according to the modern indexing steps (RDA) and according to the (MARC21) system."
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