Al-Abbas Fighting Squad implements a massive sterilization campaign in Basra Governorate

As part of its preventive measures to address the Corona epidemic, the staff of the Abbas (peace be upon him) fighting squad (brigade / 26 popular mobilization) carried out a massive campaign for sterilization in a number of Basra governorate neighborhoods.
"The campaign was carried out in coordination with the Directorate of Civil Defense in Basra Governorate, and it included the Al-Ahrar area and the neighborhood of the professors (the four streets)," explained the official of the Squad's representation in Basra, Mr. Amin Al-Taie.
He added: "The most recent sterilization devices were used, as well as four vehicles (pickups), each of them carrying a trailer containing one ton of sterilization and disinfecting materials, and eleven sprinklers carried on the back to be used manually for the sterilization."
Pointing: "We will continue these campaigns in the city center of Basra, as directed by the Health Directorate in it, especially for the areas that need to be sterilized."
This comes from the assertions of the Supreme Religious Authority to follow the recommendations of the health services and the crisis cell, and within the preventive contingent campaigns necessary to curb the outbreak of the new Corona epidemic.
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