The most important procedures done by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine to confront the Corona pandemic.

The al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, from the early days of the Corona virus outbreak in Iraq, was quick to launch a campaign to protect society from the virus, which included taking many precautionary measures in addition to implementing medical projects in a record time, as well as human initiatives and campaigns.
The Deputy Secretary General of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine Engineer Abbas Musa Ahmed explained to the Al-Kafeel Global Network, saying: “In compliance with the directives of the Supreme Religious Authority and based on the keenness of the General Secretariat of the Holy Shrine on the health of society, the holy shrine represented by its departments, centers and institutions since the beginning of the outbreak of the virus in the country, has implemented many necessary steps to reduce the effects of the Corona virus outbreak in the country, as these steps varied between health and humanity, and even with regard to the conduct of the educational process in universities and schools. "
He added: "The most prominent thing that the Holy Shrine has done since the beginning of the current crisis is:
1- Increasing the production capacity of the sterilizers of Khair Al-Joud Company and providing them in the local markets at subsidized prices.
2- Sterilizing the center city of Karbala and many of its neighborhoods.
3- Conducting field awareness campaigns and publishing educational posters in the city streets to prevent corona virus.
4- Launching the social solidarity campaign by providing food baskets to the affected and vulnerable families across the country.
5- Establishing a reanimation hall for persons infected with Coronaviruses in the medical city of Imam Al-Hussein (upon him be peace), with sixty single rooms in a record time of no more than fifteen days.
6- Establishing a reanimation hall for those infected with coronaviruses in the al-Hindiya General Hospital of South Karbala, thirty-five separate rooms within a period of (24) days.
7- Establishing a reanimation hall for those infected with coronaviruses in the city of Najaf, at the rate of (24) rooms, in coordination with the Hospital of the Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him) in a period of only (18) days.
8- Manufacturing and distributing masks and protective suits free of charge.
9- Manufacture of face masks protecting from Corona virus and provide it to the concerned parties.
10- Manufacturing sterilization systems and distributing them to some centers and hospitals in Karbala.
11- Distribution of meals on the first blocking wall and the forces stationed to implement the curfew.
12- Support (the medical team of the Hayat halls) who specializes in dealing with post-infection with coronavirus.
13- Carrying sterilization campaigns in a number of governorates.
14- Establishing health and psychological clinics and presenting them to citizens through social media platforms, such as the programs offered by the al-Ameed and al-Kafeel Universities, in addition to the Family Culture Center.
15- Conducting educational and awareness-raising programs and activities such as those put forward by the Holy Shrine Library on social media platforms.
16- Continuing the academic communication by conducting electronic lectures and lessons for students in schools and universities.
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