Al Kafeel Specialized Hospital: modern medical techniques for treating brain diseases.

Al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital has the latest medical technology to treat brain diseases, including the periscope technique, which is used for all ages and saves the patient from the brain valve implant.
Dr. Hussam Al-Anbari, a neurosurgery specialist in the hospital, said: The cerebral periscope is one of the latest technologies used in brain surgery, through which a small opening is made to insert the periscope into the brain cavities containing the spinal fluid to be disposed of without the need for a temporal valve implant.
Al-Anbari added: The technique can be used for all ages, as the opening in the skull reaches a diameter of (2-3) cm, which is a very small incision through which it can enter the corners at the base of the skull and eradicate the tumor or spinal fluid (head water) and get rid of it without causing damage .
It is noteworthy that the nervous system operations halls at Al-Kafeel Hospital contain many modern high-tech technologies, including the cerebral periscope, microscope, koza, and other latest medical devices.
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