With more than (570) academics following from inside and outside Iraq: al-Kafeel University organized a lecture on sport physiology.

The Continuing Education Division organized, in cooperation with the College of Medical and Health Technologies at the University of al-Kafeel, affiliated to the Education and Higher Education Authority at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, a scientific lecture - online - using one of the programs on sport physiology, and was titled: (The Impact of Sports on the Spin System: The Cardiovascular System and Exercise).
According to the lecturer, Professor Hussein Al-Bakaa: “The lecture came according to the directives of the university presidency represented by its president, Professor Dr. Nawras Al-Dahan, and in implementation of the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on the need to take advantage of the quarantine period taken to reduce the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, in order to ensure scientific and research communication to be added. And this lecture is one of a series of lectures preceded by various axes organized by the university."
He added: "The number of followers of this lecture was more than (570) academics from university professors from inside and outside Iraq, and we dealt with many things that centered on how to determine the maximum heart rate (stable heart rate) in stable cases, and the appropriate heart rate for each age when performing Exercise, duration and type, and its side effects on weight, blood pressure, and LDL level in the blood. "
And indicating: "At the end of the lecture, we highlighted important topics, including that sport has rules and necessities imposed by the age of man, and physical fitness must be taken into consideration in order to avoid any negative secretions generated with excessive exercise."
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