Al-Kafeel Center for Advertising and Marketing strengthens its production lines.

The al-Kafeel Center for Advertising and Marketing of the Media Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine strengthened its production lines, with a modern and developed printing machine from a global origin, through which it was able to meet the needs of the consumer, and works to keep pace with the developments in this field in such a way as to ensure the creation of an industrial integration case.
The director of the center, Professor Muhammad Al-Tajer, spoke to the al-Kafeel network about this machine. He stated: “The center from time to time seeks to update its production lines with modern machines and devices, and this comes within its development plan aimed at introducing the latest science in the field of digital media, from Printing devices and equipment aimed at achieving industrial integration in the field of design, advertising and marketing campaigns, and working to mix the profession with creativity and modern technology, which would raise production capacity to its maximum and with modernist touches away from old and classic methods and mechanisms."
He added: "The need for this machine came as a result of the increased demand for our center, especially the posters and trademarks of companies, and based on the directives of the administration of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine by providing equipment and supplies of modern technology that accompanies the development and expansion of production, the center was equipped with an advanced digital printer from well-known brands." .
He explained: "The printer is (DIE CUT) from (ROLAND) company, which is characterized by printing on more than one type of printing materials with precision and high speed, and after the completion of printing the machine cuts the prints within the outer limits of the printing, according to demand and design and at a high speed."
He added: "The first production of this machine was the implementation of all the trademark stickers of Khair Al-Joud Company, which recently witnessed a high demand for its products, and after it imported these stickers, our center guarantees its production. And Thank God, it proved successful."
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