Continuous efforts by the Service Division in the Maqam Department

The staffs of the department of the Maqam of the Master of the Order and the Time (may Allah hasten his holy reappearance) continue their work of caring for the holy Maqam from maintenance in addition to cleaning its external surroundings, as well as its adjacent market of imam as-Sadeq (peace be upon him), which are conducted mainly by the staffs of the service division of the mentioned department.

The official of the Service Division in the Maqam Department, Mr Sahib Aziz Hassan, told the al-Kafeel Network, saying: "Our people have many tasks, the first of which is to maintain the maqam from the inside in addition to washing and cleaning the surrounding areas, as well as cleaning the Imam Ja`far as-Sadeq (peace be upon him) market nearby, where the cleaning process is carried out using waste containers vehicles.

He added, “Our watering works are also the responsibility of our division by filling the water containers using the basin cars, in addition to transporting the carpets furnished in the maqam to the laundries for washing, and replacing them with another set of carpets from the stores belonging to the Maqam.”

He continued: "Recently, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, we were assigned another task, as our division daily sanitizes and sterilizes the places around the holy Maqam."
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