The machine of the artificial heart is the most important technique used in the Kafeel Hospital to gain time during surgeries.

The al-Kafeel Specialized Hospital in Karbala has a special center for pediatric cardiac surgery, comparable to what is found in developed countries at the level of cardiac surgery. The center has the latest medical technologies, including an artificial heart machine, which replaces cardiac work during the operation.
The director of the pediatric heart surgery center at the hospital, Dr. Ahmed Abboudi, said: "The pediatric heart surgery center at Al Kafeel Hospital, despite its recent establishment, has become comparable to the centers in the developed countries, due to its infrastructure, high technology and specialized medical and nursing staff."
Noting: "The center succeeded in being a suitable alternative for patients who had to travel outside the country for the purpose of treatment."
Pointing out: "One of the most important techniques available at the center is the artificial heart machine, which replaces the heart during surgical operations, and is usually a temporary means used to gaining time during surgery."
He explained: "The heart machine consists of two pumps, each with an induction valve and an outlet valve, an external power device to operate the two pumps, and another device that regulates the rate of pumping."
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