Department of Religious Affairs: We succeeded in delivering a package of various services during the month of Ramadhan, in a manner consistent with the general situation, and the Information Department had a prominent role in it.

The Religious Affairs Department of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine confirmed the success of its plan to revive the blessed month of Ramadhan, which was appropriate to the current circumstances and the repercussions of the Corona epidemic, by following the recommendations and directions of the health authorities and the guidelines for the Supreme Religious Authority.
Sheikh Adil al-Wakil, Associate Head of the Department, briefed us on the most important services the department provided during this holy month. He stated: “The department launched a package of cultural, guidance and religious services and activities during the blessed month of Ramadhan, in a way that fits with the sacredness and sanctity of this month, which is one of its important seasons. And this through the websites, including the Religious Affairs Department website, the al-Kafeel global network video window, social media platforms, and direct broadcasts via satellite channels, through a free satellite frequency provided by the Kafeel Center for Technical Production and Photography of the Holy Shrine Media Department, given the current conditions and the implications of the Corona epidemic that necessitates following Public health and safety methods approved by the relevant authorities.
He explained: "Most of our program was implemented in cooperation with the Media Department, which had a great and prominent role in communicating the echo of this package of activities, the most prominent of which were:
- (Every day is an issue) program: This program is based on answering one of the questions frequently asked, answered according to the fatwas of His Eminence the Supreme Religious Authority, Sayed al-Sistani. And the questions revolve around the most important issues that the fasting person needs.
- The program (“It happened in the month of Ramadhan”), during which an important event occurred in the blessed month of Ramadhan is presented, based on historical evidence based on Quranic verses and honorable hadiths that indicate this event and its importance.
- The Messages in the holy month of Ramadhan Program, which is a religious, ethical, and social program that takes from the Qur’anic verses a starting point for it, by working to employ it and harnessing it for what the society is living in the current circumstance, and spreading the spirit of hope in the hearts of believers even in the difficult conditions experienced by society.
- A program (Qabasat from Noor Al-Mujtaba - peace be upon him), in which he highlighted the most important stations that Imam Al-Hassan (peace be upon him) went through during his blessed life from his birth until his martyrdom, in addition to other matters related to the occasion.
A program (Peace is until the beginning of dawn), a program that dealt with many things, the most important of which are the merits and recommended acts of blessed Qadr nights, their linguistic meaning, and the reward of those who revive them.
- The program (By Allah, the pillars of guidance have been destroyed) This program touched on many aspects of the life of the Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him), and the reasons and motives that led to the commission of this heinous crime.
- The program (I won by the Lord of the Kaaba) a research is presented in this program about this phrase and its interpretation, supported by verses and prophetic sayings that were validation of this saying, which the Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him) said during the crime, and continued for three days.
Al-Wakeel added: "Shariah questions were also received, which is a communicative window that has witnessed a great turnout and interaction in recent times, through which the question is asked with an easy and simple mechanism through the following link:
It is noteworthy that the purpose of preparing this program is to take advantage of the blessings of this holy month, and to work to use and harness it in the right direction, and within the religious frameworks that the Prophet and his family recommended (Allah's prayers be upon them), and invest the seasons of worship and supplication in order to benefit from their great reward.
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