Al-Abbas Squad and the Ministry of Agriculture agree to develop a drone for prevention purposes.

The al-Abbas (peace be upon him) Fighting Squad (brigade 26 popular mobilization) agreed with a delegation from the Ministry of Agriculture to develop a new drone for the purposes of agricultural prevention and pest control that harm agricultural crops, in order to serve farmers and the agricultural sector.
Dr. Hussein Al-Saadi, a member of the Research and Development Center and an official in the Division of Aircraft Development in the Squad, said: "A delegation from the Department of Plant Protection in the Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of Plant Protection in the Karbala Agriculture Department visited the headquarters of the Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) fighting squad, and discussed with specialists in the Squad the issue of using drones for the purposes of control and prevention of harmful insects, as well as developing them in line with the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture in order to achieve the maximum benefit from these aircraft, which were previously used to control the Desert Locust in Muthanna Governorate, as well as in the sterilization operations that took place in the Karbala Governorate.
He pointed out that the agreement was concluded to continue joint cooperation and build a development model that will be at the service of the Ministry of Agriculture and the optimal use of agricultural pesticides.
For his part, Mr. Samir Abdel Razzaq, Assistant Director of the Plant Protection Department stated: "We have seen today the drones developed by the Squad, which are of two types, small and medium, and we are working with the Squad to develop a new model in order to raise the efficiency of the pesticide in the plane on the one hand, and the efficiency of killing harmful insects on the other hand. "
Adding that the new model will also take into account the intensity and movement of wind, especially since the Ministry of Agriculture has previous experiences in the field of development where the use of army aircraft was used to combat harmful insects, and we will transfer this experiment to the drones of the Abbas Squad for the purpose of pest control in specific areas, especially areas that agricultural or military combat aircraft reach with difficulty.
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