In numbers: this is what the “Haqeebat al-Mu'min” application achieved during the holy month of Ramadhan.

Significant numbers were recorded by the “Haqeebat' al-Mu'min” application issued by the Information Technology and Networks Division / Application Unit of the Media Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine during the holy month of Ramadhan, through the characteristics it provided to its users throughout the holy month of Ramadhan.
The official of the Information Technology and Networks Division, Mr Haider Talib Abdul-Amir told the al-Kafeel network, saying: "Haqeebat al-Mu'min App, which is considered one of the integrated Islamic applications, was able to be on the top of the similar applications, especially during worship seasons, including the holy month of Ramadhan."
He added: "The application recorded large numbers during the days of the holy month, as the statistics were as follows:
1- More than (30) million times, the Noble Qur’an has been recited using the application.
2- More than (30) million times, the supplications were read using the application."
He pointed out that: "One of the most prominent things that the application presented in the month of Ramadhan is the "Ziyarat by proxy" on behalf of thousands of believers spread in various countries of the world, in addition to launching its annual competition in which thousands of followers of the application pages participated in social media platforms."
Talib explained: "It is the most downloaded application in Iraq, and the numbers indicate the following:
- The app has been downloaded by more than nine million users.
- 2 million active users monthly.
- The average monthly installation of the application is three hundred thousand installations.
- The application is spread widely in the world, as it is used in more than (146) countries.
- The number of obligatory prayers that were performed through the application reached (400,000,000) four hundred million prayers.
- The number of obligatory prayers that were performed during the past month of Ramadhan reached more than (35) million, an average of more than a million daily prayers.
- The application operates in more than (190) types of mobile phones from various companies, as it has achieved high compatibility of various types to work with devices with limited and advanced specifications.

It is to mention that the application is on both "Google Play" and "App Store".
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