Al-Kafeel University develops a website to communicate with participants in its scientific activities.

The al-Kafeel University affiliated to the Education and Higher Education Authority in the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has created a communication website with researchers and academics involved in its activities, under the title: And this came in employment of the technological aspect in a way that serves its scientific and research development, and within its plan during the period of the spread of the Corona epidemic.

This was confirmed by Dr. Nawal Al-Mayali, Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs, adding: "These endeavors come from the guidance of the university presidency based on its goals and visions of the importance of caring for researchers and creating a distinct research environment, encouraging them to communicate and participate in seminars, lectures and workshops held by the university Electronically, which were intensified recently, and in order to facilitate communication with them, the university launched this site, which will also provide the participants with their certificates.

Noting: "There are many services that the site will provide to the subscribers, including the speedy obtaining of the certificate of participation and preserving their privacy, which will contribute effectively to increasing participation in all the scientific activities that the university offers in the future. And because working in such sites is a characteristic of most universities, our step came in line with the development the world is witnessing in this field, especially in light of the current circumstances. "

The assistant teacher Ali Hassan Alwan, the official of the University’s Information Technology Division, explained on his part as well: “The idea of ​​creating the site came after we found tat the participants in the activities organized by the university, had to use methods and mechanisms that would exhaust them and take lot of time, so this site came to shorten the time and achieve what the subscriber needs."
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