The Digital Information Center holds an electronic seminar in cooperation with Al-Mustansiriya University

The Digital Information Center of the Library and the House of Manuscripts of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine held an electronic symposium via the Internet (Webinar) under the title "Making resources available to researchers and readers in the shadow of the Corona pandemic" in cooperation with the central library at Al-Mustansiriya University.
The symposium's lecturer, Mr. Ammar Hussein Al-Jawad from the Digital Information Center explained to the al-Kafeel Network: "In this lecture, we answered several questions on the minds of librarians and information management specialists about what should be done in light of this global crisis experienced by the countries in the world and how it is possible for libraries to provide various information sources for the continuation of the science development. Thus I presented in my lecture the library of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine as a model for libraries which services did not stop in light of the Corona pandemic."
"At the end of the symposium, the interaction was great by the attendees. The questions and discussion continued for more than an hour after the end of the symposium, where the attendees touched on the national projects managed by the center, which are both" the Iraqi scientific product conservation project "and" the Iraqi digital repository project for theses and university theses. "And we showed some details of the two projects regarding the work mechanism and the staff working on the two projects."
It is noteworthy that the electronic lending service and the service of the plagiarism rate are provided for free by the digital information center, are still in place and dozens of researchers benefit from it daily.
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