Al Kafeel Specialized Hospital uses a global electronic system.

The Kafeel Specialized Hospital in Karbala has a modern electronic HIMS system for managing all hospital departments, which removes errors resulting from manual writing, with modern technology that is an ideal tool for retrieving information from arithmetic servers.
The hospital director, Dr. Jassem Al-Ibrahimi, stated: "This system makes it easy for the doctor to easily access patient data to create various records, including classification based on housing, gender, age, etc., and this is very important in outpatient clinics because it provides continuity of care, in addition to that. It improves internet access and the ability to access this data remotely. "
For his part, the official of the Electronic Systems Division, Mr. Mohamed Abboud said: "The system used in the administration of the Kafeel Hospital is distinguished from others because it contains three sections, and its program includes recording the patient's data from the moment he entered the hospital until he left it, and covers all administrative, medical and financial procedures." .
Abboud added: "The patient program that includes the administrative side maintains the special statistical number and the medical and financial side, and it is divided into several servers, including the nurses 'server, the resident physicians' server, the operations server, the laboratory server, the radiology server, the accounts, and another server for information."
Pointing out that: "The patient's statistical number guarantees his right and the right of the hospital in the event that their information is lost, and that the patient can obtain his medical information even after (25) years and more, through the statistical number, name, phone number or date of hospitalization." .
Pointing out that: "The administrative aspect includes all administrative matters, including human resources, and accounts for each of the patient's accounts and the accounts for employees, and it includes (employee and doctors salary accounts, purchases, stores, and medical devices), and that all hospital joints are linked and in contact with each other through this system".
He explained: "All hospital and patient data cannot be destroyed even in the event of damage or burning of the control unit, because this data automatically transmits a copy of it to another control unit that works in direct contact with the former, and that there is a special system for storing data of size (50 TB) that is enough to store data from about (30) to (40) years, and this system contains (13) hard."
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