Iraqi Consul to Khuzestan, “The stand of the El-Abbas holy shrine is integral & has accomplished the aim it came to”

A view of the visitation

“We warmly welcome and greet the Secretariats-General of the Imam Hussein and El-Abbas holy shirnes for holding such a Cultural Week Festival for the first time in Khuzestan. We hope it would be rerun again.” The Iraqi Consul to Khuzestan Mr. Basim Abbas Dawood, said to Alkafeel Global Network.

He also said that it was amazing and interesting to see such a great number of people of Khuzestan heavily flocking into the festival.

Mr. Basim, extended his thankfulness to the officials of Khuzestan local government for their contributing in holding this festival.
He also said that the stand of the El-Abbas holy shrine was perfect and fully representing the aim it came for.

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