At a meeting with some researches & masters in Economy, Sayed El-Safi emphasizes the necessity of delivering the message of the research to the decision makers

May 7, 2013. The Secretariat-General of the E-Abbas holy shrine Saye d Ahmed El-Safi met some researches and masters in Economy from inside and outside of Iraq, and emphasized focusing on supporting researches by delivering their messages to the decision makers.
The researches and masters participated in the Fifth International Scientific Conference on Economy held by University of Kerbala – College of Economy.

His eminence said, “We are glad to meet such scientists in the file of humanity. He also mentioned that it must be differentiated between the technological and humane aspects, because each aspect has its own characteristics, and the solutions of the Western world are compared to our technological aspect, but differs from the humane aspect, especially in economy. So, we need to be creative in our fields in order to have light shed upon us.”

He also said further that Arab countries have so many scientists who should be highly respected, and politicians should respect them stately. Therefore, we should stand with the scientists by ensuring freedom and everything possible to make it easy for them to be more creative.

He concluded that each scientist should instill patriotism more in himself, and be away from the sectarian discrimination. In this way, we will be able to bring up a great generation following the proper methods to live peacefully.

His eminence received then some suggestions by researches aiming at holding more conferences in order to support the move of development scientifically in Iraq.
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