The preparatory and scientific committees of the third international al-Kafeel museum conference discuss the possibility of holding it electronically in light of the spread of the Corona epidemic.

The preparatory and scientific committees of the Third International al-Kafeel Museum conference, which was postponed until further notice as a result of the spread of the Corona epidemic, held an electronic deliberative meeting in which a number of matters related to its regulation were discussed, in the event of the continuing crisis of this virus or its end, God willing.
According to the head of the museum’s department, Mr Sadiq Lazim Al-Zaidi: “The Kafeel Museum conference that was to be held under the slogan: (museums and modern technologies) is considered one of the specialized conferences held and sponsored by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, and its previous two editions achieved great success, attendance and interaction, but due to the spread of the Corona pandemic, the conference was postponed until further notice, and for the purpose of perpetuating the connection and communication between its preparatory and scientific committees, this meeting was held to decide either for its establishment, its continued postponement or its electronic holding.
He added: "After extensive discussions through which we reviewed the most prominent preparations for holding the conference, the two committees came out with many decisions, the most important of which was discussing the possibility of holding it electronically, via a special platform in the event of the continuation of the outbreak of the epidemic, after its timing was set at the beginning of the school year."
It is reported that the conference aims to:
- Calling for the preservation of civilizational and cultural heritage.
- Supporting religious and civic institutions to establish specialized museums and develop museum work.
- Opening and developing cooperation horizons with local and international museum institutions.
- Increasing the performance of museums' work in a way that enhances their administrative and technical performance.
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