Session held in Khuzestan - Iran to research the aggressive attacks against the holy shrines in Iraq

The Fourth day of the activities of the Cultural Week Festival held by the Secretariats-General of the Imam Hussein and El-Abbas holy shrines in Khuzestan – Iran.

A researching session about the attacks against the holy shrines in Iraq was held to manifest the facts of the X-regime of Saddam and what kind of attacks they made in 1991.
They mentioned the attacking parties such as

1. Umayyad attacks against Imam Hussein (p.b.u.h) in 61 A.H.
2. Umayyad attacks against Kerbala’ city to stand against the revolution of Yazeed Bin El-Mulhab in 75 A.H.
3. Attacks of Haroon attacks in 193 A.H.
4. Attacks of El-Motawakil El-Abbasi in 247 A.H.
5. Attacks of Subbah Bin Aseed in 980.
6. Attacks of gangsters in 1092.
7. Attacks of Prince Ali Bin El-Falah in 1454.
8. Attacks of Wahabis in 1801.
9. Attacks of Nejeeb Basha in 1842.
10. Attacks of El-Zehhawi battle in 1903.
11. Attacks of the Turkish ruler Hemza Beak in 1915.
12. Attacks of Turkish people.
13. Attacks of the Bezntinyin in 1920.
14. Attack of the Royal Authority in 1952.
15. Attacks of Saddam and his henchmen in 1991.

It’s been mentioned that the last attack was witnessed by so many people from the employees of the Imam Hussein and El-Abbas holy shrines.

Shaikh El-Fetlawi, cited for the attacks with some photos displayed to the attendants.
The Friday Sermon Preacher Shaikh Jelal Jaberian, delivered his speech in which he focused on the depth of the spiritual relation between Khuzestan people and the holy shrines in Iraq.

The session concluded by displaying a documentary film showed how Saddam practically attacked the holy shrines in the holy city of Kerbala’ in 1991.

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