An electronic symposium on the role of documents and manuscripts.

Continuing the series of e-seminars held by the centers affiliated with the library and the House of Manuscripts at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, the Center for Photocopying and Indexing of Manuscripts of the Library announced its intention to hold a specialized seminar under the title (Documents and Manuscripts and their Role in Scientific Research), in cooperation with the Deanship of the College of Education for Humanities at the University of Karbala.
The center's director, Mr. Salah Al-Sarraj, spoke about this symposium, and he stated: "This symposium is the first electronic symposium that our center will held and which it had been working on previously, but due to the current circumstance and the spread of Corona's epidemic we resorted to using special electronic platforms and programs to sustain and continue our activities, and the symposium revolves around the definition of manuscript heritage and documents and its importance in scientific research, as it is one of the most important sources and references to it, especially disciplines related to history.
He added: "Prof. Dr. Maytham Murtada Nasrallah, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the college, will attend the seminar, along Professor Ahmed Muhammad Al-Aboudi, the official of the Center's Indexing Department, and Mr. Muhammad Al-Baqer Mwafak Al-Zubaidi, the official of the documents department at the center, and the certificates of participation will be sent via email for those who will attend it.
Al-Sarraj concluded: "We invite professors, researchers and specialists to participate in this symposium, which will be held on Tuesday (June 9, 2020) at nine in the evening on the platform of the (GOOGLE MEET) program and everyone who wishes to participate, join the symposium link according to the announced date, as follows:
Symposium link
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