Minister of Youth and Sports: What I saw in Al-Kafeel Hospital is equivalent to what is found in international hospitals

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Adnan Darjal, stated that what is in the Kafeel Specialized Hospital is equivalent to what is found in international hospitals, and even exceeds some of them. He also praised the medical and health services provided by the hospital to the Iraqi citizen.
This came during his visit today (10 June 2020) to Al-Kafeel Hospital with the accompanying delegation, which included both the directors of the Ministry in addition to the Governor of Karbala and his Deputy. The ministerial delegation was received by a number of members of the Board of Directors of the Holy Shrine in addition to the hospital director and a number of its officials.
The Minister added: "We are happy to cooperate with the Kafeel Specialized Hospital by signing a memorandum of understanding between the hospital and the ministry, for joint cooperation in the field of sports medicine and health insurance for athletes, pioneers and employees of the Ministry of Youth and Sports."
He continued: "We are proud of the existence of such health projects in Iraq, and we have fruitful cooperation between the ministry and the holy shrines."
He concluded: "The thanks are extended to the Senior Official of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine; His Eminence, Sayed. Ahmad Al-Safi, and all those responsible for administering the Holy Shrine, for the various services they provide to all Iraqis. Also, thanks are extended to those in charge of the Kafeel Specialized Hospital for the medical services they provide to citizens."
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