Iraqi university e-theses are among the most important contents of the library of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine.

The Iraqi university theses located in the digital information center of the library and House of Manuscripts at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, are among the contents that have received great demand by researchers, professors, students of higher studies and initial studies, and that for their great importance. As since the establishment of the library , coordination was established with Iraqi universities along with opening channels of cooperation and cultural exchange with Central libraries in Iraqi universities in this field.
On this subject, the director of the Digital Information Center, Mr. Ammar Hussein Al-Jawad, stated: “The raw electronic content of university theses is brought from Iraqi universities, and after that the raw material enters many stages and many specialized programs, to present it in a simple, easy and accurate way.”
Al-Jawad added: "The process starts from the data management department to purify the raw material from viruses and harmful software, and then it enters into special programs to remove the damaged files, and then the director of the department purifies and filters the data from the iterations, and then accomplish the data entry with the details of each thesis (Geographic data)."
He continued: "The data is then transferred to the department's data auditors so that the data can be audited, adjusted and trimmed, so that it is ready to move to the information technology department, where the specialized engineers process the data and reformulate it programmatically to comply with the databases used by the center."
Al-Jawad indicated: “After that, the engineer works to add the information that was extracted to the library’s research program, so that it can be accessed by the library’s e-visitors and also make the biographical information available on the official library’s website.”
It is noteworthy that the digital information center owns tens of thousands of electronic university theses issued by Iraqi universities, and the center is characterized by the accuracy of information and the non-repetition of data that feed the center's databases, in addition to the general research program that was designed according to the requirements of the researcher, and which is characterized by the ability to retrieve information even if it is written incorrectly, it is programmed on the basis of automatic predictive input technology and ignores spelling errors, and is thus unique to this feature from other information retrieval programs.
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