The completion of the preparation works for the Fifth Hayat Building project for treating people with corona in Baghdad.

The staffs working in the engineering maintenance department of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine have completed the preparation of the space designated for the construction of the fifth Hayat building dedicated to treating people with corona, in the capital Baghdad and within the Ibn al-Qaf Hospital next to the Rusafa neighborhood.
Engineer Kadhem Saleh Mahdi, one of the supervisors of the establishment of this project, stated to the al-Kafeel Global Network: "The preparation stage of the project is considered one of the important stages of its establishment, especially because the specified space for it was full of debris, so the works took time and effort, but we, all praise to God Almighty, have been able to prepare the entire place within its planned area of ​​(5000) square meters, and this stage also included in addition to removing the rubble and leveling the land, burying some parts of it with (1000) cubic meters soil, then adding (1250) cubic meters gravel to it, because the old soil is not suitable for the establishment of the project, with levelling all the added layers to be at one level with an estimated height of (50 cm), then adding another layer of gravel with a thickness of (25 cm), so that the ground after it is ready for the next stages."
Mahdi explained: "The next stage will include the execution of the plans for the lobby building on the ground after being approved, in addition to carrying out infrastructure works from sewage network, to track the remaining stages in succession."
Stressing that: "The (5000) square meters of the lobby building will be divided in principle into (120) isolated and individual rooms (Suites), equipped with a separate bathroom, in addition to two rooms for doctors and two rooms for nurses. In addition to three rooms designated for management, store and pharmacy, and this is what was planned, while additional rooms or spaces can be added. "
He concluded: "In the meantime, our engineering staff in the department are working in cooperation with the beneficiary, to prepare the required plans that are compatible with the available space and the site allocated to the project, in order to achieve the highest benefit and the largest number of isolation rooms with the best services."
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