Treating spine pain in Al Kafeel Hospital without surgical intervention

The pain medicine center at Al Kafeel Specialized Hospital has modern techniques for treating spinal and nerve pain, without the need for surgical intervention.
Dr. Mohammed Sami, a painologist at the hospital, said: “The center, from the moment of its opening, received many patients who suffer from spine and joint pain, and they were treated with local anesthesia and without the need for any surgical procedure.”
Dr. Sami explained: "The pains that are treated in the center are pain in the lower back and neck, treatment of cartilage slip, pain in the knee joint, pelvis, shoulder, elbow and knee arthritis, as well as treatment of the upper and lower extremities, facial pain, headache and some sports injuries and nervous system diseases."
He explained, "The treatment of all of these cases is non-surgical and under local anesthesia, using techniques of nerve stimulation, spinal cord and laser, catheterization and thermal frequency."
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