The staffs of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine start the iron structure work of the Fourth Lobby Building project for treating people with corona in Karbala.

After the completion of the third phase of the Fourth Hayat Lobby building project, which is implemented by the staffs of the Engineering Maintenance Department in the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine for the Karbala Health Authority, as a contribution to contain the spread of the Corona epidemic and the treatment of those infected, which included pouring its floor area of ​​(1000) meters Square with concrete, the works moved directly to the fourth stage, which included installing the steel sections according to the plans for them in its two parts: consulting clinics and isolation rooms.

This is according to what was reported to the al-Kafeel Network, by the engineer of the project, Mohammed Mustafa Al-Taweel, who added: "Despite the high temperatures and the lack of staff working in the project, as it coincides with the work of others projects in Baghdad and Muthanna Governorate, the project works proceed according to its design and implementation plans, as we are working daily for (18) hours, with two morning and evening shifts to complete it, God willing, within the specified timings set for it. "

He added: "The work of fixing the iron sections comes within the fourth stage of the project, and it will be completed, God willing, in a record time, so we can then turn to fixing the sections of the (Sandwich Panel)."

Al-Taweel continued: "All the blacksmithing work are carried out on the field at the project site, after all the necessary materials and equipment have been provided, and we are in a race against time to complete all phases of the project with the same determination we started with."

Noting: "In the stage that preceded this stage, more than (165) cubic meters of concrete was used to form a strong base and a starting point for all the joints of the project, while the concrete were prepared and provided by the concrete factory of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, after it was treated with materials especially compatible with the nature of the structure."

Al-Taweel asserted: "All constructional health standards for establishing such facilities have been taken into consideration, in a manner compatible with the nature of the services that will be provided in it. Also, all the used materials in the construction are subject to engineering and health examination and all are in conformity with the required specifications."
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