For the first time in Iraq: Al-Kafeel University gets a license from the Crystallographic Data Center at Cambridge University to design and manufacture medicines and is preparing to launch a research platform to serve researchers for free.

The al-Kafeel University affiliated to the Education and Higher Education Authority at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, is preparing to launch a free research platform that helps researchers and specialists in the field of drug design and hormone testing, using the Gold program of the Crystallographic Data Center at Cambridge University, which relies on accumulated knowledge and the ability to identify defects at the micro level In the discovery and design of medicines, after obtaining a license from the aforementioned center.

This was confirmed to the al-Kafeel Network by the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Nawal Al-Mayali, who added: “This step comes in continuation of the university’s pioneering efforts in supporting researchers and the scientific and research movement. And we are now in the process of preparing specialized scientific committees and the online platform, through which researchers will be able to send their research and obtain the results online. These research services will be provided free of charge to Iraqi researchers from all universities, institutions and research centers. ”

For his part, Assistant Professor Sanad Moayad Abd Al-Hussein, Officer of the Laboratory for Drugs in the College of Pharmacy, explained the importance of this program. Stating: "This program is used in the field of drug manufacture and design, using knowledge-based methods (Rational Drug Design), using the Gold program of the CCDC Center, which is characterized by an easy-to-use interface supported by a package of Services, such as a specialized knowledge-based library."

He added: "Through what has been presented, the researcher only has to write down the information about the chemical composition of the cell protein, or the chemical substance of the wall of living organisms, whether they are (viruses, bacteria or parasites) or their enzymes, and the data on the chemical compounds to be tested for their efficacy and the extent of their association with these proteins and enzymes, and deactivating or activating them. The program will then perform hypothetical theoretical tests and give results in record time. "

Sanad explained: "The traditional trend has cost researchers a lot of time, effort and material cost, because it is experimenting with a group of compounds, whether they are chemical compounds or extracted from natural materials, depending on the process of repetition until the desired results are obtained, but using this platform will change the situation, and time, effort, and cost factors will be reduced. "
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