The completion of the second stage of the first part of the Hayat building project in Baghdad, and work is ongoing with the remaining parts

The staffs of the Engineering Maintenance Department at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine have completed the second stage of the first part of the Fifth Hayat Lobby project for treating people with Corona virus in the capital Baghdad, for the benefit of its health department within the vicinity of Ibn Al-Qaf Hospital, as a humanitarian gesture to increase the clinical capacity in the capital and to contain this epidemic."
This is according to what was reported to the al-Kafeel Global Network, by the engineer of the project Karar Brihi, who added: "After we divided the area of ​​the project (5000 square meters), the works were completed in the first part of the second stage, which included up to this point, the following:
- The completion of the implementation of the scheme for this part on an area of ​​(1377) square meters, which will include (56) single rooms.
- The completion of the infrastructure works for this part from the sewage conveying lines and others.
- The commencement of the armament works of the specified area for the purpose of preparing it for the work of concrete casting.
Brihi assured: "During this time, other work is carried out in parallel, according to an action plan developed for this purpose that guarantees the continuation of the work without stopping and the speed of completion in the specified time for it, as we harnessed all our capabilities for this purpose to ensure the completion of the project within the timings and technical specifications related to it.
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