A 70-year-old woman regains her eyesight at the Kafeel Specialized Hospital

A medical team specializing in ophthalmology and cosmetic surgery at the Kafeel Specialized Hospital has announced its success in treating a 70-year-old blind woman, due to the fact that her eyes are filled with white water.

"The medical team in our presidency succeeded in treating a 74-year-old woman who suffers from white water in her right eye, which causes her to lose her eyesight," said Dr. Salam al-Karawi, the attending physician at the hospital.

Al-Karawi said: "The treatment of the lady was done through the withdrawal of white water, using the technique (Phacoemulsification) or what is known as emulsification of the lens of the eye, which is a surgical procedure to remove cataracts, and replace the opaque lens with a sound industrial one."

He pointed out that: "This technique is characterized by its need for a slot much smaller than the usual incision of traditional cataract surgery, and have much less complications, side effects and recovery period than traditional surgeries, And it also has special advantages, the most important of which is the treatment of problems related to the image, its size and clarity, and improving the side view as well as realizing the depth of things. And because it is inside the eye, it does not need any special care unlike the medical contact lenses. "

Al-Karawi added: "The patient returned to her home one hour after the operation, to practice her regular daily routine and is in good health."
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