The completion of foundations for the first part of the Al-Hayat Building project in Baghdad.

Late yesterday evening, the staffs of the Engineering Maintenance Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine completed concrete casting works for the foundations of the first part of the Fifth Hayat Lobby Building project for treating people with the Corona virus, which they implement as a humanitarian gesture, to support medical efforts, and increase clinical capacity to accommodate the increasing number of affected patients in the capital Baghdad, within the Ibn al-Qaf Hospital, next to Rusafa, on an area of ​​(5000) square meters, which will include over 118 single rooms, in addition to the doctors and nurses rooms, administrative and pharmacy rooms, and bathrooms.
One of the engineers who implemented the project, Ali Al-Har, spoke to the al-Kafeel Network, explaining: "The staffs of our department working in this project, including engineers, technicians, and craftsmen, are making exceptional unparalleled efforts, in order to finish this project as quickly as possible, to contribute to the treatment of those affected by this virus. And in view of the size of the space allocated to it, we decided to divide it into parts, in order to ensure the smooth work execution without any interruption."

Al-Har added: "The area of ​​the concrete foundations for this part reached (1377) square meters, and its next stage will witness the installation of its iron sections for all of its 56 rooms. The concrete materials were processed with special materials that fit the nature of the project. And it is time to start the next part of the work, in which all the preparatory work for the concrete casting was completed, as the ground works and fixing the wooden structure were completed, in addition to directing the infrastructure works for sanitary sewers and conveyor lines, and thus the works continue successively."
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