Continuous work of the Fourth Hayat Lobby Building project in Karbala.

The staffs of the Engineering Maintenance Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, are continuing the work of the Fourth Hayat Lobby Building project, which is being implemented for the benefit of the Karbala Health Department over an area of ​​(1000) square meters, and for more than (20) hours per day in order to complete it as soon as possible within its plans and timings, defying the high temperature and the lack of workers' numbers because the department's staff are mandated to create other lobbies in the provinces of Al Muthanna and Baghdad, but this was not an impediment to the progress of work and implementation of the project phases, on contrary these workers were able to start implementing two stages of the work.
The engineer of the project, Mohamed Mustafa Al-Taweel stated to the al-Kafeel Network: "Our works are carried out with two parallel steps and in two different phases, which is the fourth and fifth stage, as we started installing the (sandwich panels) sections on the iron structure within measurements taken previously, and we started with the second section of the building dedicated to the 15 single rooms. "
Noting: "As for the works of the fifth stage that we started in the first part of the building for consulting clinics and laboratories, in addition to the waiting room, bathrooms and other rooms in addition to the first section mentioned above, it included finishing works, such as installing toilet seats and covering bathroom floors with ceramic tiles, to be ready to install PVC clips".
Al-Taweel affirmed at the end of his speech: "InshaAllah, these stages will be completed during the next two days, so that the building is ready for another stage of work until the completion of the project."
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