Thousands of e-books are provided by the Library of the al-Abbas’s (p) Holy Shrine for researchers.

One of the main foundations on which the Center for Digital Information of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine Library relies is to seek to diversify the sources that contribute to the enrichment of scientific research and encourage the authorship movement, and among those sources are books and references.
The center owns thousands of e-books of various scientific and human specialities in Arabic and English, as the center regularly receives thousands of electronic files from different sides, to be prepared and included within the content of the digital information center, so he books are presented to researchers and beneficiaries in a simple way.
For more details, Mr Ammar Hussein Al-Jawad, Director of the Digital Information Center of the al-Kafeel Network, stated: “We received many gifts of various types, which include books, research papers, drafts, reports and other files that are not of interest. So we carry out a series of technical processes to remove duplicates and harmful files, and other operations leading to the selection of good and useful books. "
For his part, Mr. Aysar Al-Shammari, Director of the Data Management Department at the Center, explained: "The total of what was received by the center of files until this moment is more than ten million files (not a book), from which less than one hundred thousand valid titles were extracted, and work is underway to tabulate them as the Center's database was supplied with more than sixty thousand titles. "
It is noteworthy that the digital information center is distinguished in the field of e-books by merging the parts into one file, so that the book consisting of several parts is considered one book, that is, if there are several parts of a book consisting of (10) parts, for example, these ten parts are combined into one PDF file, and it is considered within the center’s statistics as a single book, thus the digital information center is considered one of the few office information centers that facilitates the work for researchers with high accuracy.
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