Work progress on the isolation lobbies for those infected with Corona in the fourth Hayat building in Karbala.

In a race against time and working for than (18) hours a day, the completion work within the fifth stage is progressing in the fourth Hayat building project, which is implemented by the staffs of the Engineering Maintenance Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine for the benefit of the Karbala Health Department, as a contribution to increasing the clinical capacity to accommodate the people affected by the Corona virus, in the section allocated to (15) single isolation three-bed rooms, two bathrooms, in addition to the administrative, service, nursing and medical staff rooms.

The engineer of the project, Mohamed Mustafa Al-Taweel, stated to al-Kafeel Network: "The work done by our staff is exceptional, and it is in a race against time to finish it as soon as possible despite all the circumstances. As after the fourth stage was completely completed, we started immediately with the following works, some of which were conducted during the course of this phase, as follows:

- Covering the walls with insulating sections of gypsum board, and the completion rate has reached more than 80%.

- Completing the work of cutting bathrooms of the halls and rooms with (PVC).

The works of the cooling system, which is divided into three sections, as follows:

First: Cooling by special devices for each room, where the work of installing internal and external parts of the cooling devices of two and a quarter tons, reached 70%. These devices will be used after the end of this epidemic, God willing, for other health and therapeutic purposes.

Second: AIR FRESH: Fresh Air Propulsion System that the installation completion rate has reached more than 70%. This is a technology system that helps in introducing fresh, healthy, and suitable air for patients, after it has been filtered and cooled in special degrees.

Third: The system of sucking polluted air from the rooms and dumping it outside. This is also a system that relies on withdrawing air and exposing it to high temperatures in addition to special materials, that contribute to killing germs and microbes and throwing them out. The ducts installation has reached 75%.

- Wiring of the alarm and fire system reached 55%.

Al-Taweel also explained: "Despite our focus on this part, there are other works that take place at the same pace for the first part of the building that includes clinics, laboratories and their annexes, where all the work of the iron structure has been completed and we started installing sections of (sandwich panel) on it. These works reached the percentage of completion of 60%. The completion rate of many other works for the project as a whole reached more than 90%, namely the work of covering the three corridors separating between the first and second part, and between these parts and the hospital."
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