Starting the work of installing the steel parts of the Hayat building project in Baghdad.

The staffs of the Engineering Maintenance Department finished pouring the concrete foundations for the second part of the Fifth Hayat Building in Baghdad, where the work was carried out late last night.
The engineer of the project, Karar Brihi, explained to the al-Kafeel Network, saying: “The second part of which the casting work was completed, has an area of ​​(1377) square meters and includes (56) single rooms. The material was used for the casting has special specifications that fit the nature of the project, and the works were carried out on all areas except for the bathrooms in each room, as they need infrastructure works and laying sewage transmission pipes, and this stage is one of the important stages of the project and the starting point of a stage that will follow, which are the work of installing the sections of the iron structure followed by the (sandwich panel) parts installation on this frame."
Brihi asserted: “The work is carried out with two shifts, morning and evening, and hours of work estimated at more than 18 hours, and it is carried out according to what was planned in spite of the high temperatures and the difficulty of accessing the materials of the project and the lack of working numbers, because the staff of the department are assigned to work in the construction of the other Hayat buildings in Karbala and Muthanna."
He pointed out that: "As a result of the wide area of ​​the project and to ensure continuity of works, the Engineering Maintenance Department has divided it into three parts according to the plan laid down for it, to ensure its implementation within the specified times."
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