Engineering maintenance department in the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine: Our staffs are moving forward in the implementation of the fourth Hayat building in Karbala.

The Engineering Maintenance Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine confirmed that its staff working on the Fourth Hayat Building project for treating people with Corona virus, which work is currently being carried out in the medical city of Al Hussein (peace be upon him) for the health department of the holy city of Karbala, are proceeding with the implementation of this project as is the case of other buildings Implemented in each of the provinces of Baghdad and Muthanna, defying the high temperatures and the lack of workers because they are implemented in other projects at the same time, in addition to its proximity to the Hayat lobbies assigned to the isolation and quarantine of the affected with Corona virus, as well as the disruption of the arrival of some of the materials that the project needs due to the imposition of a preventive curfew, all of which did not stand in the way of the implementation of the project within the timelines and its plans.
This was the statement of the engineer of the project; Mohamed Mustafa Al-Taweel, who added: "Day after day, the features of this project become visible, as the fifth stage reached advanced proportions in both parts of the building, where the walls were covered with insulating sections, processed and prepared for painting, and fixing the marble strips insulating between them and the floor, in addition to that, the installation of external cooling parts (Split Unit) has reached 85%, and the work of the AIR FRECH system has also reached 85%."
Adding: "The work of the alarm system for the project as a whole has also witnessed the completion of 80%, moreover, the work of the electrical system and its wiring are carried out with continuous steps, as the second part was completely completed and the preparation work for the first part was completed."
Al-Taweel continued: "These works were accompanied by other works, as the secondary roofing work for the second part was commenced, and the start of the work of wiring and linking the transmission lines of the liquefied water, and the percentage of completion of covering the bathrooms with plastic tapes reached 80% of the project as a whole."
He added: "In parallel with this work, the main entrance to the building, which will include a garden and corridors, is being prepared, and linked to the corridors that have been completed, whether those separating the two parts or the others separating the building from the hospital."
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