The works of the Fourth Hayat Building reach advanced stages.

The works of the Fourth Hayat Building, implemented by the staffs of the Engineering Maintenance Department at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine for the Karbala Health Department, have reached advanced completion rates in its fifth and final stage (finishing).

As explained to the al-Kafeel Network by the engineer of the project, Mohamed Mustafa Al-Taweel: "The work currently under way is to prepare the front yard leading to the building, by cladding it with muqarnas tiles and adding sidewalks to it and making green spaces in certain parts of it so that the entrance is fit in this building.

Also, the installation work of the iron frames started, in order to start covering the building from the outside with special materials enabling the thermal and air insulation and for aesthetic purpose."

Regarding the rest of the works, Al-Taweel added: "The work of painting the walls of the building are completed and the dyeing work started, noting that the used paint have characteristics appropriate to the nature of the building in terms of being environmental friendly. In addition to the completion of all the work on the polluted air system, which has the feature of pulling the polluted air from inside the building and treating it with special devices and equipment, then thrown outside. As for the external cooling system (Split Unit), it has been completely completed, where each hall and room is equipped with a two and a quarter tonne cooling device. "

Al-Taweel continued: "The ventilation system works that provide the building with clean air (air fresh) after it has been filtered in several stages, have been completed, and we are waiting only for the installation of the system that will be done upon completion of the project.

As for the electrical system works, all electrical wiring work has been completed, according to the electrical loads that the building needs currently or in the case of adding a future extension, accompanied by the initiation of installing lighting lamps (Sport Light) for the corridors as well as installing air fans. And the percentage of completion of these work has reached more than 80%. "

He explained: "The work to install the doors of the building is continuous and has been completed in the second part of the halls and continuing in the first part of clinics and laboratories. The completion rate of these works has reached more than 70%. In addition to that the installation of most of the building's windows has been completed and started by glazing it. The completion rates reached more than 90%, and the laying and wiring of the feeding tubes for the bathrooms that are part of the water system work was also started, with a completion rate of 80%, while the completion rate of installing the secondary roof sections for the whole project reached 80%."

Al-Taweel concluded: "There is a group of workers that have begun preparing the ground for the project, for the purpose of covering it with (epoxy)."
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