Works continue in the ablution and cemetery site of the deceased ones by the Corona epidemic in Karbala.

The staff of the al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad (brigade / 26 popular mobilization) continues its work for the seventh day in a row to set up an ablution site and a cemetery for the deceased ones by the Corona virus, in the Wadi Karbala (the place of burial of the dead), and is working hard to complete it as soon as possible, similar to what is being done in the Wadi as-Salam, the cemetery of the province of Najaf, which was sponsored by the Imam Ali (peace be upon him) Squad.

The works are carried out in coordination with the directorate of the Municipality of Karbala, which allocated the designated area for this cemetery, in accordance with the general health and safety rules recommended by the relevant authorities.

Engineer Hossam Abdel Zahra Mohamed from the research and development center in the Squad stated to the al-Kafeel Network: "Since the Squad's leadership issued directions to build a special ablution site, to carry out the ceremonies of washing [Ghusl] and shrouding of the deceased by the corona virus, our staffs proceeded to implement this project because the Karbala cemetery does not contain such facility, which forced the relatives of the deceased to bury them without washing or shrouding."

Noting: "The area that the Municipality of Karbala identified is of (3750) square meters, on which we will set up:

- Two halls for washing and Islamic shrouding, one for men and the other for women, and they will be equipped with all their supplies from a water station in addition to sterilization to prevent the risk of virus transmission to workers.

- Two rooms for sterilization to ensure the safety of workers, and they are used before and after commencement of washing and shrouding works, using special materials recommended by health authorities.

- A hall to receive the deceased's relatives or those who carried him in the cemetery.

- Bathrooms.

- A room for the management of the ablution rooms and the cemetery."

He continued: "In all these works, the health matters recommended by the health committee of the Squad and the Health Department of Karbala were taken into consideration, in addition to that the choice of the place was made accordingly, as the ablution site will be surrounded by a wall at a certain height, to ensure that this virus does not transmit even if it is a weak possibility."

And Abdul-Zahra affirmed at the end of his speech: "We will work in the coming days to finish these works so that the ablution site is ready to receive the deceased, and we hope and we pray to God Almighty to grant all Iraqis a recovery from this virus. Noting that one team of men and another of women will be appointed to undertake the religious washing and shrouding procedures for all the deceased, followed by the funeral prayers, after which the deceased is buried in a religious way. "
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