Within the series of the abroad informative festivals, El-Abbas holy shrine still preparing for the First Annual Cultural Festival in India

A view of the place determined to hold the festval
On the occasion of the auspicious birthday of the Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib (p.b.u.h), the El-Abbas holy shrine is preparing to hold the First Annual Cultural Festival on May 23 – 27 2013 in Lucknow – India. The festival will be held under the title of {The Commander of the Faithful (Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib) is the Successor of the Divine Message & the Commander of the Islamic nation}.

The festival aims at promulgating the intellect of Ahlulbait (p.b.u.t) and converging Sunni and Shiite people. It is also to shed light upon the holy shrines in Iraq and the great achievements they do. Department of the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs in the El-Abbas holy shrine is taking care of the whole festival. The department translated many books and illustrated children magazines as well as a booklet about the department of the El-Abbas holy shrine and a map shows the sanctuaries in Kerbala city.

It’s mentioned that the Alkafeel Global Network is finalizing the website of the Alkafeel in Urdu language.
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